European Register
of Certificated Auditors
ERCA certification is an independent and impartial
process that proves professional
competence and skills of individuals.

Personal training

Training centers

We will guarantee the quality of your training

One of our views is to make the ERCA certification available to all relevant organizations and individuals worldwide. We want to go far to be near you. For this purpose we are approving organizations that have demonstrated the required technical and training expertise and have the capability to assess and examine the performance of potential auditors such as national and local universities, technical institutes, academies, etc.

Furthermore, in order to keep ERCA quality standards, we always chose carefully our ERCA training Organizations, it means that our courses are developed in those centers that are able to provide a training environment conducive to effective learning and the use of accelerated and participative training methods. As well as offering the facilities and equipment required.

We always provide the attendants at the beginning of the course with a description of the course structure, learning objectives, program, student responsibilities, the assessment processes and assessment criteria, and we will be pleased to answer any concerns or worries that students may have.