European Register
of Certificated Auditors
ERCA certification is an independent and impartial
process that proves professional
competence and skills of individuals.

Personal certification

Request for certification

General conditions

An applicant for ERCA certification based on the examination can be any person:
• more than 18 years old
• having the appropriate education and experience required by certification scheme

ERCA may grant an exemption or, for reason of the non-fulfilment of any of the mentioned conditions, refuse admission to the certification proceedings (examination).

Furthermore, an applicant is permitted to take examination if he/she:
• submits the "Application " within the prescribed time period
• pays the stipulated examination fee and
• meets the other examination conditions, as stipulated in the GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION


• In case of certification within the training course, the examination is held the last day of the course. The duration and form depends on certification scheme.

• In case of transfer certification from another Certification Body you should utilize some of the scheduled training courses and apply for transfer certification exam.

The venue and date of each certification/examination shall be announced by ERCA member in the usual manner on its website at least two months in advance. ERCA member may cancel this scheduled training course/examination date or re-schedule to a later date prior to the deadline for the submission of applications.

ERCA member reserves the right to cancel an announced training course/examination date not later than five days prior to the scheduled training course in case of serious organizational reasons. In that case, ERCA member must inform the registered applicants about the cancellation and the reasons for it and also offer two others alternative training courses or examination dates.

Requirements for certification

The relevant provisions apply to the procedure for the submission and processing of applications for certification:

a) The written application form shall be submitted by an applicant electronically. For this purpose, ERCA has an application form for personal certification.

b) An application must be duly completed and signed by the applicant. If an applicant requires a special regime (due to limited physical ability) to apply for the examination, this must be specified in the application.

c) The requirements for the entry qualifications of applicants for individual types of certifications are stipulated in relevant certification schemes, detailed in the GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION.

d) An applicant is obliged to familiarize him/herself with ERCA’s conditions and provisions and to confirm this fact by signing the application for certification.

e) ERCA shall review the application for certification and, if the conditions have been met, confirm the registration of the application for the certification to the applicant within 30 days of acceptance, but not later than 21 days before starting the training course or examination date.

f) If an applicant stipulates special requirements and/or requirements for a special regime, ERCA shall decide on confirming the possibility of these requirements or on rejecting this part of the application and shall give the appropriate justifications.

g) If an application is not properly, correctly and sufficiently completed by the applicant, ERCA shall request that the applicant provide it with the necessary supplementary information within 14 days. Should the applicant fail to submit the application or to supplement the application by the date prescribed by ERCA for the submission of applications for the given type of certification, the application can be rejected for the given date. Exemptions to the deadline for the submission of applications may be approved by an ERCA coordinator in justified cases.

Application for certification

The application form contains the following basic information:

• Personal details, general mandatory information about the applicant for the correct and complete identification of the applicant, including his/her current contact and address
• professional figure
• training course
• certification scheme
• a declaration of consent to meeting the certification requirements and the provision of the necessary information for evaluating the applicant
• a declaration in which the applicant has familiarized him/herself with the internal procedures (process) of the given type of certification and the conditions for the granting, maintaining and renewing of certification and the conditions for the suspension or withdrawing of a certificate
• Confirmation of the relevant qualifications prescribed for the given type of certification
• Special regime and special requirements applying to the examination (must be added)


◊ EDUCATION DEGREE (copy of diploma, degree)
◊ IDENTITY CARD (copy in course of validity)
◊ SPECIAL TRAINING/FORMATION (copy of certificates and attestations of training courses and of eventual courses of updating necessary in case of updating the applicable Regulations or Standards.
◊ WORK EXPERIENCE (documentary evidence to support at least for years requested by the scheme)
◊ AUDIT EXPERIENCE (ERCA AuditorLog Form or Audit list signed and stamped by the Certification body of provenance, it must be clearly stated the name of the Lead Auditor with which they were carried out audits in coaching and eventual Technical Expert).

ERCA or ERCA Representative is authorized to verify any information provided in the application, including its attachments. All application materials that are submitted remain confidential.

For application, please use Application form