European Register
of Certificated Auditors
ERCA certification is an independent and impartial
process that proves professional
competence and skills of individuals.

Personal certification

Renewal of the ERCA certification

The ERCA certification is valid for 3 years. At the end of the third year, all certificated professionals are required to complete a triennial renewal of the certification process. Two months before the certification period expires the certificant is asked by ERCA to complete its CPD_AUDIT_log. An ERCA coordinator will review and evaluate the documentation for the renewal requirements and make a decision about the certification.

Renewal requirements

• CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
• Audit experience
• Declaration of complaints
• Payment of the renewal fee

Renewal is the process of confirming compliance with the current certification requirements. The conditions of recertification ensue from ERCA’s programme requirements and are based on the expected permanence and constancy of the evaluation standards for individual certification schemes during the course of three years.

The applicant for renewal shall complete an APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL , indicating the certification scheme.

CPD and Audit experience requirements

CPD must be documented – certificates, declaration of the instructor, personal declaration, and others. CPD includes:
• seminars, formal lectures, attendance at meetings of update by CB, referred to the scheme,
• training courses, conferences, meetings, workshops inherent in the scheme of reference,
• activities that help maintain/enhance auditor professional’s skills, or that are relevant to auditing,
• participation as a tutor or supervisor to the events mentioned above in reference to the scheme,
• publication of books or articles of the field,
• others.

If Audits are required then mean full management system audits at least for days stated at the GULIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION.

For detailed criteria regarding renewal of ERCA certification, please download the GUIDELINES FOR CERTIFICATION


You can apply for higher degree

It is important to consider regrade your auditor position to improve your conditions and fees according to the higher established rates for auditors. A regrade means an advancement in your certification grade, i.e. from auditor to lead auditor.

If you were interested you could apply to regrade at any time, but remember, a regrade will not change the renewal of your certification date.

When we issue you your first certification according to your application, we will indicate the audit experience and competencies necessary to qualify for the following grade of certification. This information is currently provided on the certification scheme pages as well.

To apply for a regrade, you should complete your APPLICATION FOR REGRADE enclosing all additional information required and send it to ERCA member, who provided your training course.

If you have decided to apply for a regrade during your initial certification period, you would not need to renew your certificate after three years, you will be informed later.

Transfer from another certification body

ERCA will continue with your professional career

It is understandable that in the global market, auditors have changing needs in terms of how they prove competence depending on their circumstances of employment. Sometimes it is embodied in transferring your auditor certification from one body to another, or merely having more than one certification.

If an applicant already has a valid certificate from another organization providing accredited personal certification or another generally acknowledged organization providing personal certifications, we only ask you an additional 1 day ERCA transfer course which contains the final examination process.

For application, please use Application form